Rossmont Waver Master WR-2CH

Producent: MiniZoo
Bare forbind din mover pumpe med denne enhed og du er igang med at kunne styre pumperne i dit akvarium.

WiFi Controller for Rossmont devices Designed for all Mover Flow rate variation from 30% to 100% Ultra fast min-MAX cycles up to 0.5 sec only 2 independent driving channels Multipurposes capacitive touch button Powerful built-in WebApp Direct connection or WLAN Compatible with any Smartphone, Tablet, PC

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Driving an AC pump is NOW possible.


AIO - All In One



adjust flowrate of Rossmont AC pumps



manage multiple Rossmont products with one interface



power on/off your devices remotely

Turn your pump into controllable

Just connect your Mover to Waver, the 1st device for aquariums in the World capable to drive an AC pump powered at Mains voltage.

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Driving features

Independent driving channels

Independent driving channels

From 30% to 100% flow rate variation

From 30% to 100% flow rate variation

Fast min-MAX cycles

Fast min-MAX cycles

Get the best from your pumps

Get the best from your pumps

Touch button for common daily operations (e.g. feeding, maintenance...)


Everyday is a new event

Choose among 6 different presets to follow the needs of your Aquarium. 
Find easily the better result.


CYCLE   White Loop variations from min to MAX power. Minimum pulse duration of 0,5 sec

Fish Food
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Low profile, less hassle

It plugs directly into wall outlet.
No power adaptor needed.

Supply cord length: 1.5m (5ft)
Channels extension cables: 0.5m (1.8ft)

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We thought about every detail

Safe access

Safe access

with unique ID and password

Wireless Update

Wireless Update

freely downloadable from Rossmont website

Data Backup Battery

Data Backup Battery

to keep your customizations saved even after a blackout



your graph and settings with everyone

Expand your possibilities

Waver Master can wirelessly connect to an unlimited number of Rossmont "slave" devices, to definitely become the pulsing heart of your Aquarium

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1 Waver Master can command an unlimited number of "Slave" modules. Waver Slave can drive other 2 pumps. So you can upgrade your aquarium with an unlimited number of pumps and drive them with just 1 interface.

Waver Slave is coming soon. 


An Easy Choice

How do I choose the right models?

How many pumps?

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  • Størrelse: 17x17 cm
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  • Producent: MiniZoo

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