Tunze RO permeate pump

Producent: Tunze

Pump 8550.700 does not require any connection to a power supply unit as it is operated exclusively by the hydraulic pressure of the waste water produced by the reverse osmosis (RO) plant. The unit improves the ratio between RO water and waste water by up to 400 per cent. However, this is achieved only, if the inlet pressure into the RO plant is too low. Suitable for RO plants of 40 to 200 l/day (10.5 to 52.8 USgal./day); ideal for RO plants with an excessively low inlet pressure of below 3 bar or rather 45 psi, for example. The minimum pressure is 2 bar or 30psi. The pump increases the service life of the membrane and reduces the creeping increase in the conductivity of the outgoing water (TDS creep). It reduces the waste water of the RO plant by up to 80 per cent in case of RO plants with an excessively low inlet pressure.
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