Tunze nano reefpack 500

Producent: Tunze
Storebror til Reefpack 200

Kom hurtigt igang med denne komplette pakke som laver dit ferskvandsakvarium til et saltvandsakvarim.

Sættet består af overløb, skummer, pumpe, osmoplator, en magnet til at holde dem fast på ruden og filtervat.

TUNZE® Reefpack 500 constitutes a new water treatment concept for reef aquariums from 200 to 500 litres (52 to 132 USgal.). It consists of an automatic skimmer with a 500-litre (158 USgal.) air output and a mechanical quick-run filter with Turbelle® 1600/2 as well as Osmolator in one unit. The Reefpack has been designed for beginners as well as for experienced aquarists. Thus, it is possible to operate a marine or reef biotope aquarium in any standard glass tank without any complications. The water is treated on the basis of organic debris removal and contains no biological stages. Like all TUNZE® components, the Reefpack is a modular solution, which can be supplemented with the automatic calcium dispenser 3170 or bio reactor 3179, among other things. Reefpack 500 in detail: SKIMMING PROCESS: Skimmer module DOC Skimmer 9005 with Comline Filter 3166 combined to one unit. FILTRATION: Comline Filter 3166 combines bottom and surface suction with latest cartridge technology. The filter cartridge can be washed, and another five spare cartridges have been included. WATER CURRENT: Turbelle® Powerhead 1600/2 with 1,620 l/h (428 US gal./h) integrated in the filter. WATER LEVEL CONTROL: Osmolator 3155 integrated in the filter including Storage Container 5002.25 with a volume of 27 litres (7.1 USgal.). HOLDING DEVICE: The Reefpack can be mounted to a vertical (1) / (2) or horizontal glass pane. The holder extension (4) also enclosed can be used to mount the Reefpack to almost all aquarium frames almost invisibly. POWER CONSUMPTION: 24 W per hour only, 230V/50Hz (115V/60Hz). SUPPLY CONDITION: Ready for mounting with holding device, storage container and filter cartridges. DIMENSIONS: Including skimmer cup: L225 x W135 x H388mm (L8.8 x W5.3 x H15.2in.).

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  • Størrelse: 200 - 500 liter
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  • Forsendelsesvægt: 10 Kg.
  • Producent: Tunze
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