Kinshi High-Tech Bedfilter II

Producent: MiniZoo

Kinshi High-Tech Bed Filters are based on a 'moving bed' filter principle. This is a filter technique that stands out in its simplicity and performance, and is ideal for Koi pond filtration. The system originates from the intensive Koi industry in which controllability, performance, low energy consumption and ease of use are absolute requirements.

The filter materials in the Kinshi High-Tech Bed Filter consist of individual bio-wheels which are kept in continuous motion by an ingenious air-lift system. The surface area of the filter materials is 2 approximately 800 m per cubic metre. Through the continuous transport of filter materials through the filter chamber, an optimum contact between the water and the bacteria culture living on the filter material is guaranteed. In addition to the transport function, the air provides intensive aeration and thus the optimal supply of oxygen required for the biological processes occurring in the filter. The swirling bed of water and filter materials prevents waste from getting the chance to sink. This is what makes the Kinshi High-Tech Bed Filter such a unique product.

The Kinshi High-Tech Bed Filters are equipped with a moving bed including bio-wheels, an air dish, and a 300-micron sieve with a very wide outlet of 715 x 40 cm. The filter system is an extremely compact unit, and takes up very little room as a result.

Kinshi High-Tech Bedfilter II
For Koi ponds up to 60 000 litres
Pump capacity: 30.000 L/t
Water inlet: 2 x 2” (63 mm)
Water outlet: 2 x 110 mm
Includes: 180 litres of bio wheels
Ball valves
Optional: Kinshi mats and grates in the 2nd chamber
Standard lid on the sieve
Colour: Sahara
Material: Polypropylene

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  • Størrelse: Klare op til 60.000 L
  • Dimensioner: 148 x 79 x 150 cm
  • Forsendelsesvægt: 100 Kg.
  • Producent: MiniZoo
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