Joes Juice (glasrosedræber)

Producent: Ultralife
Et revoulotionert produkt til dræbning af glasroser og anemoner i saltvandsakvarier. Det dræber kun når det sprøjtes ind i glasrosen.

Medfølgende sprøjte med pipette.

JoesJuice Aiptasia & Majano Eliminator is the safest and most effective solution for ridding your reef tanks of annoying and harmful Aiptasia and Majano anemones. Its unique and novel characteristics are covered by U.S. Patent Number 7,179, 478 and additional patents are pending for this product. When used as directed, JoesJuice® is completely reef safe but eliminates Aiptasia & Majano Anemones in minutes and requires no injection of the pests or siphoning of residual debris. JoesJuice® is manufactured and packaged in the U.S.A. to exacting standards under tightly controlled conditions by a leading manufacturer of over-the counter pharmaceutical and other health-related products. The stringent quality assurance system employed during all phases of formulation and packaging of JoesJuice® Aiptasia & Majano Eliminator assure that the product is produced to consistently high standards on which you can rely. With incidents of tainted pet foods all too commonly being reported, why take the risk? Use JoesJuice®, only the Aiptasia & Majano will regret your decision. The reputation JoesJuice® Aiptasia & Majano Elimination has earned since its introduction is uniformly excellent and unsurpassed by because JoesJuice® works and it is reef safe. We are committed to supplying our top quality aquarium products to professional aquarists, hobbyists, retail stores and professional distributors at a fair value.

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  • Størrelse: 20 ml.
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  • Producent: Ultralife
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