JBL ProFlora Taifun

Producent: JBL
CO2 High-diffusion reactor

•Dissolves CO2 gas in aquarium water without loss. •Suitable for aquariums from 30 cm high to max. 400 litres with 4° KH (to 200 l for 10° KH). •Can be extended for higher hardness levels or larger aquariums. •Operates without additional pumps. •No separate bubble counter required. •Can be completely dismantled, easy to clean (with JBL PowerClean
Extendable CO2 Passive Reactor with maximum diffusion rate of CO2 in water. The modular construction of the JBL ProFlora Taifun reactor allows the reactor to be adapted to practically any size of aquarium with optimum CO2 utilization. The basic version with 10 modules provides sufficient CO2 for aquariums up to 400 l. The JBL ProFlora Taifun extend extension pack with a further five modules increases capacity by an additional 200 l. The special construction of the spiral channel up which the CO2 bubbles rise, with ventilation slits in the sides, ensures complete diffusion of the CO2 into the surrounding water without the need for an additional water pump to create a current. Due to the transparency of the reactor, the bubbles can be clearly observed as they rise, allowing the optimum amount of CO2 to be set even without a bubble counter. Parts and description 1. Lower part with screw connection 2. Lid for lower part (against inquisitive slugs) 3. Module (10 x) 4. Collection cap against CO2 loss 5. CO2 hose JBL ProFlora T3 6. Holding clips with suction pads (2 x) Installation •First thoroughly rinse the reactor in lukewarm water. Do not use detergents. •Fit the reactor vertically in the aquarium in a location with a slight current of water. The upper edge of the device should be at least 2 cm under the surface of the water. •Connect the CO2 hose to the pressure regulator and let a few bubbles run through the device. •At first the bubbles will flow intermittently through the spiral bubble channel from the bottom to the top. The device needs approx. 48 hours to run in. After this time a bio-film will have formed, allowing the bubbles to rise freely upwards. As they rise, the bubbles will become smaller as a sign of the diffusion of the CO2 into the surrounding water. Once the bubbles are at the top, they reach the collection cap where any remaining CO2 can diffuse completely. Note: After some time the collection cap will fill with gas which now and again escapes upwards through the ventilation openings. This gas is not CO2, but “false” gas which is sometimes present in small quantities in CO2 cylinders or which diffuses into the bubbles on their way upwards from the surrounding water. The reactor should be cleaned as little as possible. Therefore fitting it in a position in the aquarium which is as dark as possible with adequate water movement is an advantage. The number of bubbles: How much CO2 is needed depends on the quantity of water, the carbonate hardness, the required pH level and the consumption by plants. Start initially with one bubble in every second bend in the device and slowly increase the number over the course of several days, as required. The pH level can be used to monitor the amount. We recommend using the JBL Test Set Permanent CO2 plus pH Maintenance The reactor is made of clear Makrolon, allowing optimum observation of the bubbles. If necessary, it can be cleaned in pure tap water. The device can be dismantled for cleaning by pulling the individual parts apart vertically. After cleaning, simply reassemble. The individual module parts click together to ensure correct fitting, giving a continuous bubble channel. Extension options: The bubble channel can be extended as required by adding any number of extensions (JBL ProFlora Taifun extend).

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