IKS Aquastar SMS module.

Producent: IKS
The iks aquastar SMS module. Your water readings ... by SMS to your mobile phone, world-wide. By connecting this module to the iks aquastar and iks aquastar midi systems, the readings can be sent to a mobile phone anywhere in the world by SMS. If a reading exceeds certain limits (alarm), the module automatically sends an SMS. In other words: you receive timely notification that enables you to take steps to prevent what could otherwise be worse damage. The latest readings can be called up from anywhere in the world at any time, provided, of course, your mobile phone has network connection. Just imagine you are on holiday and are lying on a beautiful beach. Your beautiful and precious aquarium suddenly comes to mind and you ask yourself if everything is ok with it? You can rest assured. If something was wrong, you would have received an SMS. Nevertheless, you want to make absolutely sure so you have an SMS with the readings sent to you and carry on enjoying the rest of your holiday. This module can be linked to the network providers by means of an analogue modem in the case of the standard telephone network, for example, or via a mobile phone to the cellular radio network.

Features: Remote alarm and remote enquiry via SMS. Alarm if the relevant threshold values are attained, power cuts etc. Option of connecting an analogue modem or mobile phone (only certain models with a special data lead). Electrically separated, serial interface with iks aquastar or iks aquastar midi. Connection ports for simultaneous operation of an external display panel and a PC (Y-connector). Easy configuration by means of the iks aquastar or iks aquastar midi systems or a PC.
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