EHEIM 2178 professionel 3 udvendig filter 1850 l/t

Producent: Eheim
Til akvarier op til 600 ltr. Ydelse: 1850 l/t.Beholdervolumen: 14,2 ltr. Filtervolumen: 8,6 ltr. Løftehøjde: 2,60 m. Mål: højde 534 mm, bredde 264 mm, dybde 264 mm. Forbrug: 10-35 Watt. Varmelegeme: 210 Watt.1 indsugninslange, 16/22 mm. 1 udblæsningsslange, 16/22 mm. Elektronisk regulering af ydelse. Indbygget forfilter - let at rengøre, derfor lang interval mellem rengøring. Ny opstartsfunktion. Multifunktionsadapter med flowindikator. Automatisk ilttilførsels funktion. Rengørings indikator. Eksklusiv filtermatriale

EHEIM professionel 3e 600T
The first electronic controlled thermo filter


Cleaning, circulating and at the same time maintaining the exact temperature

EHEIM professionel thermofilters
The powerful and very convenient EHEIM thermofilters are not only equipped with the full range of features of the professionel filter range, but also with a high quality heating element. Thus they heat and filter your tank easily and simply.
  • An easy to read and precise LED display shows the exact water temperature
  • With a simple press of a button, the desired temperature can be precisely and easily set
  • The integrated temperature control gives a precise setting of 18°-34° C
  • With prefilter for long intervals between cleaning
  • With integrated heater
  • integrated LED display
  • Electronic control at the touch of a button
Just set your required output and the electronics will do the rest – for all types of aquarium, tropical marine and planted. 6-function electronics. The large number of new functions can be easily operated using just 3 buttons.

output control
Stepped increase or decrease of the water flow at the push of a button. The maximum power of this model greatly exceeds the values for conventional filters.
constant flow
Increasing soiling of the filter is recognised by the electronics and the output is automatically controlled to the level you have set. This guarantees constant flow rates and very long service lives.
bio stream function
The electronically controlled flow variation provides for highly natural, constantly changing, flow conditions in the aquarium.
12h bio function
Electronic change-over between 2 adjustable flow rates on a 12-hour cycle.
service indicator
The time remaining until the next cleaning is displayed at the push of a button.
Auto air out
Accumulation of air under the filter head is detected and automatically bled off by an electronic program.
Electronic error management
Permanent electronic system monitoring. Any irregularities are recognised and indicated on the display. At the same time, a program is started which automatically attempts to rectify the cause.
Revolutionary convenience and even more settings options: do it all from the comfort of your PC. Simple and convenient programming, setting and updating of your filter on the PC using the EHEIM Interface (not incl.) and with the free and user-friendly software EHEIM Control Center.
product type:   2178
product type: Professionel 3e 600T
For aquariums up to l 400-1200
Pump output l/h 1850
Delivery head approx. Hmax m 2,6
Power consumption W 10-35
Heating power W 210
Canister volume l 14,2
Canister volume l 8,0 + 0,6 (Vorfilter)
Dimensions mm 534x264x264



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  • Størrelse: EHEIM 2178 professionel 3 udvendig filter 1850 l/t med varme
  • Dimensioner: 26,4x26,4x53,4 cm
  • Forsendelsesvægt: 15 Kg.
  • Producent: Eheim

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