Doseringspumpe Vario MP 045

Producent: IKS
The iks VARIO proportioning pumps are a range that have been developed exclusively for aquaristic purposes. In contrast to conventional proportioning pumps, which in the majority of cases have hoses made of silicon, the iks VARIO proportioning pumps employ the far more durable elastomer Poliolefinic for its hoses. But even these hoses dont last for ever and eventually have to be replaced. Replacement is quite simple and quickly done. Replacement hose can be ordered with the item no. 2100 for the LP 180, or item no. 2102 for the MP 045. Great reliability and speed control are particulary characteristic for the iks VARIO dosing pumps. The flow-through rate is adjustable and can be set precisely. You can use the quick and convenient time-controllers (timers, interval functions) as found in the aquaristic computers iks aquastar and iks aquastar midi to perform practically and dosing process (dosing quantity) you can think of. iks Vario LP 180 (item no. 2000) applications

4,5 ml /min. Må ikke benyttet hele tiden.
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  • Producent: IKS
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