CaribSea BufferPlus 474 ml

Producent: CaribSea
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BufferPlus™ - is the easy way to buffer and re-mineralize marine and reef aquariums. Now BufferPlus™ has been reformulated to be a superior alkalinity booster. In its new dry form BufferPlus™ still has the stable buffering always associated with aragonite buffers but also has double the alkalinity boosting power to get your alkalinity where you need it when you need it. BufferPlus’™ new formula also makes it ideal to use with ionically imbalanced supplements such as those that contain calcium chloride. BufferPlus™ also contains calcium and trace elements such as strontium, and magnesium for robust and vibrant corals, and invertebrates.
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  • Størrelse: 474 ml
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  • Producent: CaribSea
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