Biorb Aquatic Topiary Pack

Producent: Reef-One
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Aquatic Topiary can be simply added to the aquarium, instantly adding color and additional interest.
Aquatic Topiary Packs contain three sizes with full instructions and planting tips on the reverse. They are a wonderfully simple way to enhance any aquarium in just a few minutes.
The Aquatic Topiary is a great way to redecorate your aquarium, the largest Aquatic Topiary can be placed over the bubble tube. The smaller domed Topiary add a splash of color to the base of the aquarium.
The Aquatic Topiary is made using high quality non-toxic plastics. The Aquatic Topiary is also extremely easy to clean (if needed), simply wash in old aquariums water (using the water removed from the aquarium when maintenance is being done).

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  • Størrelse: Biorb Aquatic Topiary Pack
  • Dimensioner: Mosbolde
  • Farve: Grøn
  • Forsendelsesvægt: 2 Kg.
  • Producent: Reef-One
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