Arcadia reptil pære compact D3 23 watt

Producent: Arcadia
As with the D3 reptile tube, this lamp has been designed to satisfy the U.V. requirements of reptiles which rely on skin synthesis of Vitamin D3 - in fact, at 7%, the UVB output is actually an increase on that produced by the linear tube at 5%. It is a single ended lamp, with a standard E27 screw fitting, which can be used in a small vivarium, where installation of a tube may not be convenient, to provide complete illumination. Alternatively, it can be used in a medium to large vivarium to create a basking area within the enclosure. In either case, using the Arcadia Compact reflector, will maximise the light output. This 23Watt energy saving lamp, actually has an output equivalent to a regular bulb of 120Watts, and does not require the use of a ballasted controller, as in the case of regular fluorescent tubes.

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  • Dimensioner: 23 watt pære
  • Forsendelsesvægt: 1 Kg.
  • Producent: Arcadia
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